Bitcoin is educating people about freedom

Recently Bitcoin has been receiving more and more media attention as of late. I am thrilled that people have been learning about this amazing tool for the achievement of economic freedom. Bitcoin is beautiful in that it is a voluntary medium of exchange not enforced by laws and government officials with guns. It is not a part of the fiat fractional reserve banking system and gives people control over their own money in a way that a bank never could. 

Bitcoin makes government theft through taxation difficult and makes capitol controls virtually impossible. It allows people to send their assets anywhere in the world within an hour without expensive fees and taxes. Cyprus is the prime example of why people might want to move their money out of a country and out of a banking system. 

Bitcoin is showing people that they don’t have to be controlled through money and taxes. It  shows people that there are much better and voluntary alternatives for at least some of the current functions that government attempts to provide in this day and age. Bitcoin is opening eyes and that makes me optimistic for the future as well as the price of my Bitcoin.



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