An Unconventional Tactic for Affecting the Political Process

Changing the world can be done with only a few minutes of your time. You may not be able to donate millions of dollars to a political campaign. You may not be even able to volunteer in a campaign. But what you can do is use a dash of your time to have a material affect in the political realm. What is even better, about this method for change, is that it can be done through an avenue that a lot of people use  for entertainment every day.

This magical tool is video ad viewing on the internet. Most of the ads I view are a result of my time on YouTube, but I see a number of others on other websites. When an ad pops up about a candidate that I disagree with I don’t get annoyed and skip the ad the moment that counter goes to zero. I take an extra minute and 15 seconds to finish watching the ad. Yes it is a weird behavior but I just cost that campaign 20 cents and stopped them from reaching a person who may have been more susceptible to their message. If nothing else I get to utilize half of the sunk time cost for those ads I have to watch before accessing a website or video.

On the other side of that behavior is what I do to help the causes I identify with. I immediately skip the ads for causes and candidate I already agree with. I save those campaigns 20 cents and let them use those funds to reach someone who has yet to be persuaded.

The same tactic can be used on companies, products and organizations that utilize YouTube commercials. I have found this method to be  an emotionally satisfying way to divert small amounts campaign resources in directions that I approve of. For my approved candidates and causes I divert the resources to more productive endeavors.The effect may be small but it can add up and it lets me do my small part for the world.

Alex Maxwell France


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