Listen to my Favorite Audiobook Series for Free!!!!

quarter share a trader taleTrader Tales by Nathan Lowell is a science fiction series set in the the 24th century also known as the golden age of the solar clipper. The main character Ishmael is orphaned at age 18 and needs to find a way off of the company owned planet now that he is no longer a dependent. Ishmael manages to find employment on a ship called the Louis McKendrick where he grows into and learns what it means to be a spacer (space sailor). The Tales are very well written and the narration brings the characters to life. Trader tales has my recommendation as a great read.

One of the best things about the series is that Ishmael never becomes larger than life. Even when he is the captain of his own ship much later on in the series Ishmael is very easy to relate to. He shows how some hard work and out of the box thinking can make a big difference in quality of life aboard ship and anywhere where else. Another fantastic theme in the series is the constant entrepreneurship and capitalism practiced by Ishmael and his friends. They move goods to planets where those goods are desired and get paid good money for it. The free market at work is a beautiful thing.

Nathan Lowell is by far my favorite author and narrator. What is even better is that his the majority of his  work is available in audio form for free in the podcast section of the Itunes store. Most of Nathan Lowell’s work is science fiction but he does have one fantasy book out with more on the way. On the Itunes store Nathan Lowell pretty much always receives five star ratings. Another thing that tells you how good his books are is that Nathan Lowell makes money by selling physical books to the people who like the book so much that they want a physical copy for their book shelves and for loved ones who don’t listen to audiobooks.

I have enjoyed his audiobooks while driving running and waiting in lines. Whatever I may be doing at the time Nathan Lowell keeps the boredom at bay and makes the time fly.To listen to his work for free you can go to or


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