Experience The Ludwig Von Mises Institute

Margit von Mises typed Human action on this typewriter.

Margit von Mises typed Human action on this typewriter.

If you enjoy the ideas of Austrian economics and are ever in the vicinity of Auburn Alabama then I would strongly recommend that you make a little time to go visit the physical location of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. The receptionist was happy to give me a quick free tour. To say that “A tour at the Institute is really cool.” is a huge understatement.

I have watched a few economics lectures, from the Institute, on YouTube. On the tour I was shown the two conference rooms where many of those lectures were recorded. Elsewhere on the tour was the room where the Institute records podcasts and audiobooks. I would compare what I felt to the experience of an avid film fan who gets to see the production set for a highly regarded film series. At one memorable point in the tour we passed Lew Rockwell and I shook his hand and introduced myself. I  will admit that I was a bit starstruck. There were a few other cool things on the tour like the typewriter and the medals that if I remember correctly were awarded to Ludwig von Mises for his service in the first world war.

The Institute has two libraries that are stocked with about 35,000 economic, political, and other books. Many of those books were left to the Von Mises Institute by important Austrian economists. One of the books that I looked through was from the personal library of Friedrich Hayek. In the margins were notes I could read and know what his thoughts on the text were. You can’t check out the books; however you can read them at the Institute. They allow students to go and study in the quite of the libraries. I have only studied two times at the main library. When I was there I saw Mark Thornton and again Lew Rockwell. Both gave me a small greeting.

The Ludwig von Mises institute is a great place to visit and I am thankful that I get visit the organization that educates millions for free over the internet.

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