An Ounce of Motivation

An ounce of motivation

An ounce of motivation

I have made a deal with myself and my mother to keep myself committed to this blog. In her possession I have placed 25 ounces of my silver savings and for the next  25 weeks every week that I neglect to put up a new blog post is one less ounce of silver in my savings. I used to get a few dollars for a good grade so why not reverse that motivation scheme now?
It’s not as if I don’t want to blog, I just needed to find a good solid way to motivate myself. When this method of motivation works and the 25 weeks is over I will most  likely be addicted to blogging. Even as I write this post I can breathe a little easier with the reassurance that an ounce of my silver is safe.

My mom, Sylvia France, the marketing guru and social media maven has her own blog on She convinced me to start my own blog since she thought my rants and thoughts might be interesting to some people and its a great way to build my credibility as an entrepreneur. We started this process by developing a content calendar and identified the areas in which  I will be blogging – myself, health, bit coin, precious metals, and the Ludwig von Mises Institute (, an economics think tank in Auburn, Alabama.

        This is my first ever blog post and I would appreciate any constructive criticism, encouragement and suggestions.

Cha Ching and until next week (hopefully),



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